Fisher Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen comes as a range from the US company which has its origins in the 50s where it was mainly engaged in the development of universal cartridge pens. After the cartridge pen had been developed, the owner Paul Fisher was still not satisfied, so he immersed himself in the development of a pen which only used one cartridge. Along with this, the ink needed to flow when you wanted it to so you would not have to constantly issue ink, such as the conventional pins of that time. After much experimenting Paul Fisher managed to solve this problem and the Fisher Space Pen was born. A pen that ink would pass even when using the pen in various conditions (underwater, upside down, and even in space).

Fisher Space Pen UK

As the name suggests, the Fisher Space Pen company produces pens. And not just any pens, as not all pens can continue to work in space. This original space pen was used on several NASA missions and still is used in space to write! If you are looking for a pen that does it all, then you need the Fisher Space Pen.