Smith I O

Smith is one of the most popular and trusted snow goggles and helmets brands on the market, and for good reason. Smith goggles are produced using the newest technologies available, which means that the goggles offer unrivalled performance and comfort. On this page you will find a selection of one of the brand's most popular goggle models, the Smith I O goggles. These goggles offer an optimal field of vision, maximum comfort, and a stylish finish to any ski outfit. With Smith IO goggles available with all sorts of different lenses and in different colours, you are sure to find the perfect pair for your upcoming winter sports trip.

Smith IO Goggles

Smith IO goggles will make the perfect companion for your next skiing or snowboarding trip. These goggles will help you stay safe and comfortable on the slopes. What's more, Smith's entire IO goggle range comes with two ChromaPop lenses, which means that you will have the best possible view of the track in any given circumstance. On this page you will also find the Smith IOS, especially for women, and the IO MAG, with a special magnetic lens change system.