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All CamelBak Products

All CamelBak products

CamelBak is a company that was born from one of the basic needs of man - water. CamelBak has created a brilliant line of products that will help to keep you hydrated wherever you are. In this assortment you will find a brilliant choice of products, such as the CamelBak water bottle collection, CamelBak backpack collection, CamelBak hydration pack range, and other great accessories that will help make sure you never have to be without water. View our collection below to find the perfect bottle, backpack, or water bag for you. Want to find out how to lengthen the lifespan of your CamelBak water bag and accessories? Have a look at our advice on cleaning CamelBak water bags here.

CamelBak UK

Anyone who participates in sports or outdoor activities knows how important it is to keep hydrated. CamelBak has ensured you can do this wherever you are. Whether you're looking for a great water bottle for school or work, or a backpack compatible for hydration packs for your outdoor adventures, you are in the right place.

CamelBak Water Bottle

Among CamelBak's brilliant range of products, their collection of water bottles stands out as particularly superb. In a wide range of models, sizes, materials, and colours, you are sure to find the perfect water bottle that suits your needs. Whether you need a bottle for taking to work, taking on a hike, or even for your child to take to school, you won't be disappointed with a CamelBak bottle. Be sure to check out the brand's most popular collections, including the CamelBak Eddy water bottle, the CamelBak Chute water bottle, and the CamelBak Forge water bottle.

CamelBak Backpack

Also not to be overlooked are CamelBak's great range of rucksacks and backpacks. CamelBak offers compact, ergonomic backpacks, all fitted with handy extras. Most CamelBak rucksacks, for example, have built in drinking systems or drinking tubes, which means that you never have to stop to have a drink when on a hike. This brilliant CamelBak bag collection is made up of diverse models and designs, each which are perfectly suited for your needs, whether you're hiking, running, or doing any other outdoor sport.

CamelBak Bladder

Most CamelBak backpacks can be used in combination with a CamelBak reservoir, or CamelBak bladder. These are water bags that you can insert into your CamelBak backpack, rucksack, or vest in order to make sure that you never have to stop to take a drink on your hike, run, or cycle. CamelBak hydration systems are highly innovative, very convenient and easy to use, and will revolutionise your outdoor adventures! These systems come namely in three series; the CamelBak Crux, CamelBak Antidote, and CamelBak StoAway. Staying hydrated during your outdoor sports and activities is no longer a problem with CamelBak's fantastic range of hydration systems and water reservoirs!