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Walking Boots

Perhaps one of the most versatile and most-sought after pair of outdoor footwear is a strong, comfortable pair of walking boots. Walking boots are ideal for hiking, mountaineering, or everyday use if you need to walk a lot. In our assortment, you will find men's walking boots, women's walking boots and kids' walking boots, ensuring you can find the perfect boots for all the family! The walking boots in our selection come from some of the best brands on the market. These brands offer high quality boots in a range of designs, so whether you're hiking through fields, forests, swamps, or on mountains, you will find the perfect walking shoes right here.

Walking Shoes

The walking shoes in our assortment have been categorised into different groups based on the level of support that they offer, ranging from A to D. Walking shoes in group A are suitable for less-challenging hikes on even terrain, while boots in group D are designed for extreme mountainous or glacial expeditions. That means that you will find shoes from both ends of the spectrum and just about everything in between! Not only will you find a wide range of styles, but also a great choice of brands, ranging from LOWA boots, Hanwag boots, The North Face boots, Grisport boots, and many more top notch makes.

Waterproof Walking Boots

Within our assortment of walking boots for men, women, and children, you will find boots of all shapes and sizes and with all manner of handy features. A large selection of our walking boot range is also waterproof. This is ideal for those who wish to go hiking or walking through muddy fields or wet paths, as having a pair of waterproof walking shoes will ensure that your feet stay dry and warm. Many of the waterproof linings or coatings, such as the famous GoreTex membrane, also ensure that the walking boots are breathable. This means that water cannot get into the shoe, but water can be released from the shoe, ensuring maximum comfort during all your outdoor adventures. View our range of waterproof hiking boots via the link above.

Leather Walking Boots

Walking boots come in a wide range of designs, styles, and materials. The most popular material when it comes to walking boots tends to be leather, and it's not hard to see why. Leather walking shoes are very strong and durable, which ensures that you will be able to enjoy wearing them on your hikes for years to come. Not only this, leather is a supple material that allows some flexibility, ensuring that you will experience maximum comfort. Within our range of leather hiking boots, you will find many options that are also waterproof, which offers strength, comfort, breathability, and long-lasting quality. You will find a wide range of leather walking boots in our assortment, so have a look on the page above to find your perfect pair.