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Trail Running

What is trail running?

Trail running is a form of off-road racing in which you do not run on a paved road; you are inclined toward small roads, dirt roads, rocks, pebbles, sand or mud trails and other natural obstacles. Trail Running provides more challenge to train your leg muscles in a way which is not possible on regular paths. This type of running is increasing in popularity as more people are choosing to explore nature.

In Trail Running it is very important for you to keep comfortable in the shoes you wear. The range consists of running shoes for women or men, all of which are great for trail running.

What is important in a trail running shoe?


In trail running is important that your shoes have good traction. Since you will be running on unstable surfaces with the likes of mud, rocks, and boulders, it is important that you do not fall or lose your balance. If there is an incline you will also appreciate shoes that keep you from sliding down.


Do you frequently run on routes with lots of rocks and debris? It is wise to purchase a more flexible trail running shoe. The use of flexible materials will help you avoid developing blisters and will also not restrict your movement. While trail running shoes are flexible, they remain rigid enough to position the foot correctly while running.


When you race on dirt roads or across rocks, your feet can take reasonably heavy blows. It is therefore important that you choose a shoe that supports the ankle. Trail running shoes have this extra stability in the ankle area so as to add stability to prevent falls and injuries and ensure that you can exercise comfortably.


The importance of the weight of the shoe is often underestimated, but can be particularly important during racing or when you are spending long periods of time wearing the shoes. A lightweight shoe for example, provides more speed, but provides less support to the foot. A heavier shoe reduces the risk of injuries, but could possibly slow you down.

GORE-TEX® or Mesh?


GORE-TEX® is a material specially developed to provide water-repellent or waterproof abilities to footwear. GORE-TEX® is highly breathable, even though it doesn't let water in. This makes the shoes ideal to use on wet grass, mud, puddles, soft snow, or crossing streams. We recommend that you choose a shoe with GORE-TEX® for:

+Water and dirt repellent +Moderate breathability +Performs well in environments with water +Good to use in wet weather-Very hot during summer periods-Increased risk of foot odour


The material "mesh" has an open structure, so the shoes are highly breathable. This is ideal if you are prone to having warm feet, or when you are running during the summer. Mesh is an excellent choice during hot, dry periods. This material is perfect to wear when you do not come into contact with water while running. Here is when we recommend having mesh shoes:

+High breathability +Prevents sweaty feet+Ideal in hot and dry periods -Non-waterproof-Harder to get dirt or mud off of-Not convenient to use during rainy days or on wet grass

Women or Men?

Our Best Brands


Salomon is a French brand that focuses on the production of innovative outdoor products with a modern design. The brand has a collection of trail running shoes that not only have a high degree of comfort, but is also last for years. Salomon trail running shoes are characterised by high quality and high usability. One of the best brands that you can get for trail running!

The North Face

The North Face is a world renowned player in the field of outdoor products. This American brand has added quality trail running shoes to their product with the guarantee that their experience and knowledge on the footwear industry will assure you of a comfortable sports session. Whether you are looking for running shoes for men or women, The North Face has a pair of shoes for you! Choose from a variety of designs and colours to suit your running outfit.

New Balance

New Balance is a well-known producer in the field of sports footwear. The brand is particularly popular among young people due to its modern designs that are precisely tuned to the latest trends in fashion. New Balance trail running shoes are therefore practical and stylish. These running shoes have soles which are suitable for slippery or wet surfaces and are also made of materials that will last a long time. New Balance is ideal for your sport session!

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