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Casual Shoes

If you're going travelling, camping, or away on an extended trek, it's important that you carefully consider which shoes you will be taking with you. While it's important to have a solid pair of walking boots or outdoor sandals for your hikes and trips, it's important to also consider taking a pair of shoes for your downtime or days off. That's why we have also included a great range of casual shoes in our assortment that will complement your outdoor footwear collection nicely. On this page you will find trainers and sneakers, casual boots, lace-ups, and other sturdy, stylish footwear that can be used for your less strenuous adventures or for leisure.

Casual Footwear

It's important that you pack a diverse range of footwear when travelling or camping so that you are well prepared for any eventuality. If you find yourself in a situation where you have downtime or if you're going on a much less intense day trip, then a pair of walking boots might be too much. That's when you need a comfortable pair of trainers or lace-ups for more everyday activities.