Mosquito Net Dbug (Single and Double)

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This handy mosquito net from Dbug is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a mosquito net that can be installed in no time and is super easy to take with you while travelling. The mosquito net is suitable for beds up to 220 cm wide and has a wide opening. The mosquito net can be attached without a suspension point, and is placed around the bed using its unique tube construction. The feet can be simply placed under the legs of the bed and the mosquito net will stay in place. The mosquito net is incredibly easy to set up and take down and can be used anywhere; on holiday, at home, or on the road. In addition, the mosquito net is also supplied with pegs and an outdoor bag, making the Dbug super easy to use outside.

  • Note: If you want to use the mosquito net for a single bed, you will need to turn the net 90 degrees (quarter of a turn).
  • About Dbug

    Dbug has made it possible for your travel virtually anywhere in the world and to sleep easy at night knowing you won't be bothered by mosquitoes and other bugs. The brand has produced a super convenient mosquito net that has a unique tube construction as opposed to needing to be attached to or hung from something. That means that you don't need to install any hooks, you can just put the tent up as it is wherever you are. The Dbug mosquito net can also be disassembled as quickly as you assemble it, and folds really compactly so that it takes up virtually no room in your suitcase or backpack. An absolute must-have for any upcoming holiday!


    Mosquito Net
    220 x 220 x 180 cm
    Net size
    1 Person / 2 Persons
    256 per inch
    Suitable for
    Inside / Outdoors


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