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Dbug has produced the perfect mosquito net for use either at home or to take away with you on holiday. The unique construction of the Dbug mosquito net ensures that it can very easily be placed around your bed, without having to attach it to anything. That means you don't need any parts or tools to assemble the net - ideal! The net can be put around a single or a double bed, is very lightweight, and takes up virtually no space in your backpack or suitcase. That's because this net can be folded really compactly. What more could you need from a mosquito net?

Mosquito Net

If you're going on holiday to a warm country, it it always a good idea to have a mosquito net ready to protect yourself. Most mosquito nets needs to be suspended to the ceiling or attached to your bed, but not this Dbug mosquito net! This self-standing mosquito net is super user-friendly, and can be folded so compactly that you can take it anywhere without it taking up much space in your suitcase. Perfect for travelling!