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Sigg Water Bottle

Sigg has put its name on the map by becoming one of the best producers of water bottles on the market. Sigg water bottles are made from aluminium and plastic, and come in a hugely diverse range of colours and designs. Whether you're looking to take a drink to school or work, you never have to go thirsty again with a Sigg bottle! These bottles also have some handy features, like the Sigg Traveller or Sigg Swiss bottles, which have a handy loop in the lid so you can carry them more easily, and the majority of these models are BPA free! Be sure to have a look at our extensive collection of water bottles for kids and adults alike on the page below.

Sigg Bottle

Whether you're looking for a water bottle for work, or a kids water bottle for your child to take to school, you are sure to find exactly what you need in our range of Sigg drinking bottles. With a wide range of capacities, designs, and colours, there's something for everyone. Also be sure to check out the range of Sigg thermal flasks that we have available, so you can also be prepared with a hot drink whenever you want! View the whole range of Sigg products we have available here.