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The Swiss brand Sigg produces vacuum flasks and water bottles. The bottles are of excellent quality thanks to the use of high quality materials. These water bottles can be used for many purposes. Since the bottles are very strong and can be used in the most extreme conditions, you can use it during sports and for survival adventures. The Sigg drinking bottles are very user friendly and have a long life so you can enjoy them many years to come.

Sigg Water Bottle

Thermos and drinking bottles from the Swiss quality brand Sigg are suitable for use in the most extreme conditions. This makes the bottles very suitable for use during exercise but also on survival adventures. The bottles are of excellent quality and have a long life. Also, Sigg bottles are very user friendly so you can enjoy your Sigg thermos flask for years to come. Have a look at the entire range above, or look more specifically at our great range of Sigg water bottles here!