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RAINS Backpack

RAINS Backpack This Danish brand may well be known for their raincoats and rain jackets, but they have also brought a brilliant collection of backpacks and rucksacks onto the market, in a diverse range of colours and designs. RAINS rucksacks and backpacks are also waterproof, which makes them perfect for taking all your items for school, university, or work on rainy days. Not only that, they are equipped with stylish, sleek, and timeless designs, which means that these bags will go with a wide range of clothes, and will make sure you can defy the rainy British weather in style. With a RAINS bag, you'll always be prepared for a downpour!

RAINS Backpacks

A great rucksack is a must-have during wet weather, so that you can be sure your things are safe and dry inside. With a RAINS backpack, this won't be a concern. Because all of RAINS products are designed to be entirely waterproof, you don't need to worry about your things getting wet or ruined in your bag. Aside from that, the bags look great! Also be sure to check out our collection of RAINS raincoats that will go great with your new RAINS bag!

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