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RAINS Bag Within our RAINS assortment, we have included the brand's beautiful collection of bags. Whether you're looking for a new backpack, rucksack, travel bag, weekend bag, or tote bag, you'll find exactly what you need in this collection. Not only do all of the bags in this collection have beautiful and elegant designs, but they are also entirely waterproof, so you can safely transport your belongings no matter the weather! View our beautiful RAINS backpack collection, RAINS travel bag collection, RAINS weekend bag collection, and all the other beautiful RAINS bag collections available on the page below.


RAINS is a Danish brand that is well-known for their beautiful, innovative items. All RAINS products combine style and practicality, so you can defy the rainy weather in style. RAINS bags are no exception. Each bag is 100% waterproof to protect your things, and they all have classic, timeless designs.

RAINS Backpack

This Danish brand may well be known for their rainwear, but they have also brought a brilliant collection of rucksacks and carry bags onto the market, in a diverse range of colours and designs. RAINS Backpacks are also waterproof, which makes them perfect for taking all your items for school, university, or work on rainy days. With a RAINS bag, you'll always be prepared for a downpour!

RAINS Duffel Bag

When you're doing on a weekend trip or a longer holiday, you need a high quality travel bag to carry all your belongings in. That's why RAINS has created a beautiful collection of duffel bags for your holidays. RAINS holdall bags come in beautiful colours and various sizes, so there's something for every type of holiday, and the bags are all made from strong, waterproof materials. The perfect combination of style and practicality!