Power Station Goal Zero Yeti 6000 X

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The Yeti 6000X generator from Goal Zero is a quiet, environmentally friendly way to power your electronics. The Yeti 6000X is the most powerful variant and suitable for all kinds of electronic devices, from your smartphone to refrigerators. The dimensions of the generator are 38.9 x 25.7 x 43.2 cm, the generator weighs 48.1 kg and has a capacity of 6071Wh. The charger makes no noise and does not emit gas or smoke. The Yeti 6000X can be charged via solar energy (18-36 hours), from mains power (12 hours) or via your car charger (only via the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 12V Car Charging Cable). The Yeti 6000X is ideal as a back-up generator at home but also perfect for travelling. The generator comes with a handy and sturdy trolley with which you can easily transport the generator. The Yeti 6000X has various outputs to connect devices, including: fast-charging 60W USB-C Power Delivery, various USB-A ports, regulated 12V and 1 x 230V AC Output. You can monitor and control the Yeti 6000X via the Yeti App 3.0 on your Smartphone. The Yeyi 6000X is very powerful and suitable for charging the following devices: Smart Phone (12 Wh): 451 x Tablet (30 Wh): 201 x Laptop (50 Wh): 120 x POV Camera (5 Wh): 1202 x DSLR Camera (18 Wh): 334 x Head Lamp (5 Wh): 1202 x In addition, the following devices can be connected Light-a-Life 350 (4.5 Wh): 1336 hours Light Bulb (11 Wh): 547 hours CPAP ( 65 Wh): 93 hours TV (42 "LED) (100 Wh): 60 hours Pellet Grill (60 Wh): 51 hours Microwave (1000 Wh): 6 hours Portable Fridge (25 Wh): 241 hours Mini Fridge (35 Wh ): 172 hours Full Size Refrigerator (55 Wh): 110 hours Circular Saw (13 Amp) (1500 Wh): 4 hours

About Goal Zero

In 2007 Goal Zero was launched. This innovative brand focuses on the extensive capabilities that can be provided by solar energy. Goal Zero supports travelers and adventurers by developing various types of portable solar panels, solar chargers, flashlights and apparatuses. These products allow you to enjoy the outdoors, but still have access to your electronic devices. Goal Zero produces products that will aid you in charging your camera, phone, laptop, or other rechargeable device. Through intensive work to find sustainable solutions, Goal Zero has been able to developed quality products that are good for people and the environment.


Power Station
Goal Zero
Yeti 6000X
38.9 x 25.7 x 43.2 cm
48.1 kg
Smoke and gas free
Li-ion NMC Battery
Includes AC charger (600W)
6071Wh (10.9V, 556Ah)
Ideal for charging all kinds of (heavy) i electronics
Suitable for all UK/European sockets
Includes transport cart for easy transport
Suitable for use at temperatures between 0-40 C
Charging via solar energy, wall plug or car charger


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