The Dutch company Zandstra has been focused on producing and selling skates since 1931. Zandstra is known for its use of modern materials and the high quality of their products. Zandstra has included a diverse range of skates in its collection, such as figure skates, hockey skates, speed skates and protectors, but it also has a selection of rollerblades. The business is also loved by skaters because of the innovative technology that is used on the skates. Zandstra's skates are a definite asset in your collection and are guaranteed to be fun to skate around in in winter.

Zandstra is a Dutch producer of skates and rollerblades. The company has put itself on the map because of its wide range of skates, such as speed skates, hockey skates and figure skates. Zandstra is also known for the excellent quality of their skates, which includes modern technology and stylish designs. By using the filters on the left-hand side of the page, you can narrow your search to what you want, for example with regards to price, material and product type.