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Yeti Outdoorsupply

Born out of a passion for hunting and fishing, Yeti was established in 2006 by two brothers dissatisfied with the coolers available on the market at the time. Finding that handles broke, latches came loose, and lids caved in, they decided to create a superior product. This led to the development of Yeti coolers, designed for the serious outdoor enthusiast and virtually indestructible. This quality and durability have seen Yeti products being used even in the harsh conditions of Alaska. Since 2006, Yeti has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products that are nearly impossible to break. Their use of premium materials sets them apart from other brands, making them one of the most popular outdoor brands globally. Choose quality, choose Yeti for your outdoor adventures.

Yeti coolers

Yeti coolers were designed to be different - they are virtually indestructible, ensuring years of reliable service. It's no wonder that Yeti coolers are used even in the harsh conditions of Alaska. If you're looking for a cooler for your extreme outdoor adventures, a Yeti cooler is therefor the best choice. Not only are Yeti coolers tough, they're also portable. Another advantage is their superior ice retention - a large block of ice can stay frozen for up to a week in a Yeti cooler. Explore our range of Yeti coolers now on

Yeti drinking bottle

Yeti isn't just about coolers. Their high-quality drink bottles, made from the finest materials, keep your beverages icy cold. Robust and durable, a Yeti bottle can withstand a fall from a car or even off a cliff. For this reason it is on of the most popular outdoor brands in the world.