The Swedish brand X-Bionic offers quality sportswear that allows you to get the most out of your sports performance. Maximum comfort with minimum volume. For athletics or fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, or winter sports enthusiasts, X-Bionic clothing is there for you. The clothing is designed to the body and offers great freedom of movement. It maintains the temperature, ventilates where it is needed and wicks away sweat. After you have tried these flexible and high-quality clothing while exercising, you will never want anything else. You can also often spot great Olympic athletes in X-Bionic clothing.

X-Bionic Cycling

There is also X-Bionic Cycling clothing for cyclists and mountain bikers. This will allow you to deliver top performance. The clothing is anatomically optimized. The clothing cools when your body gets warm and warms when it's cold. This allows all energy to go to exercise. Thanks to the seamless constructions, the clothes are also wonderfully comfortable.