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Although the popular UGG brand is particularly known for its iconic UGG boot, the brand has much more to offer than that. You can also come to UGG if you are looking for lovely warm pair of mittens with a sheepskin lining, stylish coats with a modern look, or nice, soft beanies that ensure a high level of comfort. Moreover, UGG clothing and accessories are only made from the very best materials, so that you are assured of absolute top quality.


Are you a big UGG fan? Then you're in the right place! This American brand was originally founded by an Australian surfer, and has slowly but surely conquered the world with its beautiful collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories made of wonderfully warm sheepskin and leather. UGG products are immensely popular with fashion lovers worldwide, which is not only due to the beautiful designs, but also due to the high quality of the materials used. UGG clothing will last for years and, thanks to the timeless looks, you can always match UGG products with the rest of your wardrobe.

UGG Gloves

UGG is famous for its beautiful range of accessories and clothing, including it's stellar collection of gloves and mittens. UGG gloves are made from wonderfully soft and warm sheep's wool, which offers a number of benefits. Not only will it ensure that your hands stay toasty warm all winter, but it will also ensure that your accessories help to make your winter wardrobe very stylish. For top quality UGG gloves and mittens in all manner of designs and colours, you're in the right place here at Outdoorsupply.

UGG Coat

Alongside their popular collection of accessories, UGG has also been busy developing a beautiful collection of coats and jackets. UGG coats offer the best of both, because the brand has combined stylish, contemporary, flattering designs with all manner of practical features, so not only will you be well protected during the coldest and harshest winter days, you will also look great! Brave the cold without compromising on style this winter with a beautiful UGG coat from our selection here at Outdoorsupply.