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Sun68 is an Italian brand that was founded in 2005 as an experiment. The aim was to produce clothing that people were really missing from their outdoor wardrobes. Sun68 clothing is created with sporty, casual designs that make each item perfect for outdoor adventures as well as day-to-day wear. Each item from Sun68 has a modern design with a stylish look. Attention to detail, research, and comfort are the central values in Sun68's production process, something which is clear to see in the high quality of every item.

Sun68 Polo Shirt

Sun68 is known for a wide range of high quality clothing, but they are perhaps best known for their immaculate range of polo shirts. In our assortment, you will find a broad range of Sun68 polo shirts in a wide array of styles and designs, whether a block colour or beautiful pattern. These polo shirts are made with high quality materials that ensure that the shirts are not out of place at any occasion. Browse our range on the page above to choose the perfect one for you!