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Stutterheim raincoats

Stutterheim was founded in 2010 by the Swedish Alexander Stutterheim. The brand creates beautiful, functional rainwear. Stutterheim jackets are handmade, which allows the brand to meet high quality requirements. Stutterheim raincoats are known for the simplicity of their designs. The brand has now gained worldwide fame and has become a major player in the market. For a wide range of Stutterheim coats, you've come to the right place! Look below to find some of their most popular models, for example the Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat and the Stutterheim Mosebake raincoat.

Stutterheim UK

Alexander Stutterheim's grandfather was a Swedish fisherman who went to work in the most harsh weather conditions. Stutterheim found the raincoat used by his grandfather years later, and was inspired to design stylish, functional raincoats. Thus, in 2010, the well-known brand Stutterheim was created. The raincoats are characteristic of the simplistic design, and are all handmade to ensure high quality. Now a renowned brand, their coats are available all over the world, including here at Outdoorsupply UK!