Silva Compass

Are you about to go on a challenging trek in unknown areas? Then make sure you have a compass with you to help you stay on track! Silva compasses are the perfect companion for your hiking or orienteering trip because of their compact sizes and light weights. Many Silva compasses also come with lanyards. The Silva Ranger Compass can even be used at night, and has a handy mirror. Click on the images below and find out more about each of the great Silva compasses that we stock here at Outdoorsupply.

Silva Compasses

If you're going hiking or orienteering in unknown territory, then a good compass is an absolute must-have in your equipment. Silva compasses also have inclinometers and different measurement rulers to help you measure distances on different maps. When hiking in lower light or at night, another great piece of gear to have is a headlamp, so be sure to also find the perfect Silva head torch for you.