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Segway Inc. 1999 is the market leader in the field of personal transport. Segway produces electrically driven, self-balancing means of transport for short distances. Since 2015, the company has joined forces with Ninebot in order to focus on the research, production, and distribution of short-distance transport products. With a Segway, the world is your oyster! You can travel longer distances than by walking, but are moving in a far more sustainable way than going by scooter or car. Make your shorter distance journeys much more fun and efficient with a Segway!

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With Segway products, you will arrive at your destination quickly and comfortably. By just leaning forward and keeping your balance, the wheels move at exactly the right speed, so you will move forward. Segway products are an environmentally friendly alternative to cars and scooters. Segway makes products that are interactive and stimulate a smart and sustainable way of life. The name Segway comes from the Italian word "segue", which translates to "smooth transition from one street to another".