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Roces is an Italian brand founded in 1952 that produces ice skating shoes. In 1978, the brand marketed the first plastic skate, a revolutionary development, and in 1981 Roces developed the first inline skate, bearing the name PRO. This model is still produced today. Since then, the brand has gained international recognition in producing innovative, high quality products. View our range of Roces skates below.

Roces Skates

Roces was founded in 1952 and is a major player in the skating and skating market. The brand was founded in Italy and manufactures products with real craftsmanship. The brand brought the first inline skate on the market in 1981 and in 2006 had the revolutionary idea of adjustable ski boots. To date, Roces is the only brand on the market that offers this adjustable shoe. Outdoorsupply offers a wide range of Roces products. Click on one of the above images for more information about the products.