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Rip Curl is a high quality outdoor clothing and sportswear brand that was founded in 1969 in the seaside town of Torquay. The founders of this brand started with designing surfboards, but have since then developed their assortment to not only include top quality swimwear and clothing for water sports, but also an extensive collection of winter sports clothing and skiwear. Years on from its formation, the brand is still in Torquay, but its products have been praised by athletes worldwide. Take a look at the Rip Curl collection below to see what this top notch brand can offer you.

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if you're looking for high quality sportswear, whether you're a surfer or a skiier, then you're in the right place. Rip Curl designs a wide range of functional, sporty clothing that will support you in all your outdoor adventures. As a brand Rip Curl is very dedicated to innovating and always improving their assortment, but also to improving the environment. Rip Curl, as surfers at heart, regularly see the effects of pollution in the oceans, and regularly donate to important campaigns that help to save our planet. A choice for Rip Curl is therefore also an eco-friendly choice.