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Polaroid was founded by Edwin Land in 1943. You probably know Polaroid from the world-famous camera, but did you also know that Polaroid is a producer of high-quality polarised sunglasses? Polaroid is proud of its heritage and the trust it has received from its customers. They therefore find it important that every product or service must have the same high quality requirements. That is why Polaroid polarised sunglasses are so great. With these polarised lenses, your eyes are not only protected against light intensity, but also against intense light reflections.

Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid delivers high-quality products and is world famous. The brand produces polarised sunglasses for both men and women. Polaroid sunglasses are available in several models and designs. Polarising lenses ensure that you can drive more safely or, for example, sail better because you are no longer distracted by light rays reflecting off the road surface or water.