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Pieps was founded in 1967, although it was originally called R&D, and had the motto: 'Premium Alpine Performance'. Pieps wanted to produce items that would help increase people's safety in snowy and mountainous regions. This would need to be made possible through the creation and innovation of new technologies. The then small company had to find a way to achieve this goal.


Five years after the brand was founded, Pieps brought their first avalanche transceiver, or avalanche beacon, onto the market, which marks the beginning of the brand Pieps as we know it. 1972 was an important milestone for the company, as the transceiver formed the basis of the innovative technologies that the brand would later develop and expand on to create their current assortment.


After years of growth and expansion, Pieps is now known around the world as a top supplier of high quality avalanche safety equipment. The company has grown in recognition and size, now selling not only avalanche transceivers, but also ski rucksacks, airbag backpacks, avalanche probes, avalanche shovels, and other accessories that will help to save your life in the event of an avalanche.

The Pieps Safety System

For your safety
In order to guarantee maximum safety in the event of trouble on the slopes, Pieps has created a Safety System. It is strongly recommended to make sure that you are fully prepared before going to an area with a lot of snow. If you go hiking or skiing in these areas, you need to be aware of the avalanche risks and be prepared in case one happens. By using a range of products, such as a transceiver, probe, or shovel, you can greatly increase the chance of survival. The Safety System works best when you know which items you need and also how best to use them. Below you will find a handy overview of Pieps' Safety System and about the recommended products for your trips into the mountains.

NOTE: Make sure that you are prepared for your winter holidays. It is always recommended to avoid avalanche-prone areas and black pistes. For more information about avalanches and for even more handy tips, visit our Avalanche Advice Page.

The Safety System Products

1. Avalanche Transceiver

An avalanche transceiver, or avalanche beacon, is a handy piece of kit that can drastically improve your chances of surviving an avalanche. Pieps transceivers help you to locate your companions or to be located in the event of an avalanche and word on a frequency of 457 kHz. Pieps avalanche transceivers are equipped with a number of features that make them easy to use. They are also compact and lightweight, which makes them easy to transport in your rucksack or pocket. You should turn the transceiver on as soon as you start skiing. You can use the to check that your transceiver is working.

2. Avalanche Probe

If you or your companions get caught in an avalanche, you help to estimate someone's location using your avalanche transceiver. In order to determine their exact location more specifically, you can use an avalanche probe. The probe is a long stick with which you can poke through the snow to try and find exactly where someone is beneath it. Pieps probes have a lot of useful features, such as being collapsible to make them easy to carry with you. They are also made using lightweight materials and are available in different lengths.

3. Avalanche Shovel

Once you have been able to locate the exact position of your companion, you can then use an avalanche shovel to dig them out of the snow. Pieps shovels are available in a wide array of sizes and designs. Most shovels are collapsible and easy to put together. These shovels also tend to have a larger scoop, so you can shift more snow more quickly. These features make the shovels easy to take with you and saves time in a situation where every minute counts; if someone has been buried in an avalanche, they have on average about 15-18 minutes of oxygen. That makes it vitally important that they are found quickly. By combining the transceiver, probe, and shovel, you drastically improve the survival chances of you and your companions.

Avalanche Airbag

For the real dare devils who hike, ski, or snowboard on avalanche-prone tracks, it is strongly recommended to invest in an avalanche airbag backpack, which can be located in Pieps' assortment. These rucksacks can be transformed into air-filled 'airbags' in the event of an avalanche, which is helpful in several ways. Firstly, it ensures that your total mass is less, which means that you won't be buried as deeply in the snow, or might even stay above it entirely. Secondly, if you do get buried in snow, the airbag works as an air supply, meaning you will have a longer supply of oxygen and a much higher chance of survival. Avalanche airbags from Pieps meet all safety requirements and are rigorously tested, so you can rest assured that they will keep you safe.

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