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The American brand Osprey is continuously hard at work designing new products. Since its formation in 1974, Osprey has been innovating to create the best items possible. The whole team is focused on making the design process, production process,and distribution process as good and efficient as possible. Osprey bags are uniquely suitable for outdoor adventures and travelling, no matter your trip's requirements.

Osprey is also dedicated to keeping their production processes as green as possible, which is why they, for example, will always try to repair bags if there is a problem instead of simply sending a new one. This helps to keep their carbon footprint down and speaks to Osprey's dedication to being a sustainable company. If you're still not convinced, Osprey is also a sponsor of the Bird Conversation project, which acts to prevent poaching of birds of prey.

Osprey offers a wide range of models in their assortment in all shapes and sizes. In their assortment you'll find backpacks, rucksacks, suitcases, duffel bags, and much more. High quality is a core value for Osprey, so only the best materials are used, ensuring that all items in this collection will last for a long time and retain their quality. An Osprey purchase is a great investment.

Product groups

Osprey Backpacks

Osprey backpacks are all made with a wide range of handy features and are available in a broad choice of models. These bags have adjustable back panels and straps, space for hydration systems, padded elements, compression belts, and so much more. Osprey backpacks are also made using strong and durable nylon, so they are very durable and waterproof.

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Osprey Rucksacks

Alongside the larger backpack collection, we here at Outdoorsupply also offer a great range of Osprey rucksacks and daypacks. You are guaranteed to find the perfect bag for your needs because of the wide choice available. These bags are so well designed and are made to be so comfortable that you will barely even notice you're wearing one! Whether for skiing, hiking, or day to day activities, an Osprey rucksack will make the ideal companion.

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Osprey Luggage

Osprey also produces a great selection of luggage, including duffel bags, suitcases and more. Osprey luggage bags have a larger capacity than is expected, with some bags offering up to 130 litres of volume. This means that you can always take everything you could possibly need with you on a trip without having to worry about running out of space. What's more, because of the strong, durable materials used, Osprey travel bags will last for a very long time.

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Osprey Accessories

In order to make packing and travelling as easy as possible, Osprey has not only produced a stellar collection of backpacks and travel bags, but they have also designed an excellent selection of accessories. These accessories will help you to pack your items as neatly as possible in your bag so that you can use your bag's capacity as efficiently and optimally as possible, as well as keeping your belongings extra protected. Think pack liners, toiletry bags, packing cubes, and so much more.

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What does Osprey have to offer?

1. High quality
Osprey is committed to only producing high quality bags that will last a long time. That's what makes Osprey bags just a great investment.

2. Avoiding surplus production
Osprey does all they can to ensure that their production meets demand quotas exactly, so as to prevent waste and to not use too much energy.

3. Advanced materials
Osprey uses far more advanced and expensive materials, the result of which is a lot less waste, and uses that they do not have to use as much material for any given product.

4. Consistent style
Osprey consciously does not adapt their assortment to trends of the time, which also results in less over production and less waste.

5. Repairs
Osprey offers the 'Almighty Guarantee' for most of their products, which means that they will repair it in case of any issues as opposed to replacing it. This results in less waste and overuse of expensive materials.

6. Recyclable materials
Wherever possible, Osprey is dedicated to using recyclable materials and tries to use as little packaging as possible to help reduce their impact on the environment.

A selection of our Osprey assortment: