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The Muck Boot Company

History of The Muck Boot Company

The Muck Boot Company is an American company founded in 1999. They found that the boots of that time did not provide adequate protection against wetness, dirt and mud. This made the company look for a better solution. The organisation created boots with great protection that were extremely comfortable at the same time. The boots from The Muck Boot Company were completely waterproof and provided protection against the most extreme weather conditions. It became a boot everyone could trust. Muck Boot has continued to experiment and innovate its boots since its introduction. This is how the company completes its mission and creates boots that protect you best against any kind of weather conditions.

With Muck Boot boots you are fully protected against wetness, wind, snow and mud. A high-quality boot where every detail in the design has been fully thought out.

"Muck Boot is rooted in necessity, grounded in community, built to protect, worn with pride, and made for work (and life) in the muck".

Muck Boot boots

The design of Muck Boot boots

Every part in the design of the Muck boots has been fully thought out. This way your boot is not only stylish, but also functional.

An overview of a Muck Boot boot:

1. The seams of the boots are fully sealed, which further improves the waterproofing.

2. The pull-tab is incorporated in the boot so you do not run the risk of it getting caught on something and that you can easily put on your boot.

3. The kick-off lugs make it easy to stretch your boots.

4. Muck Boot boots are not made from normal rubber, but from neoprene. This material was designed by The Muck Boot Company. This material provides complete waterproofing, natural insulation, flexibility and great comfort.

5. The thickness of the rubber is distributed over the shoes so that the most vulnerable areas are well protected. In addition, this also ensures that your boot lasts longer.

6. The midsole is made of rubber, which provides even more durability and traction.

Muck Boot design

Snow Boots & Wellies from The Muck Boot Company

Wellies from Muck Boot

Muck Boot Wellies

Muck Boot wellies offer you the ultimate protection against wet (weather) conditions. The air-mesh lining ensures that the boot breathes well while at the same time being completely waterproof. With the non-stick soles, your rain boots have more walking comfort and extra grip. The rain boots from Muck Boot are easy to clean with soap and water. You will find more information about each boot in the range.

Snow Boots from Muck Boot

Muck Boot Snow Boots

The Muck Boot snow boots are ideal for activities in cold conditions. The boots are designed in such a way that they can protect your feet against temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius. Shocks are absorbed during walking by the EVA footbed. The boots from Muck Boot are also super comfortable, making the snow boots ideal for walking through the snow. See immediately which snow boot suits you best!

Muck Boot Maintenance

Muck Boot laarzen onderhouden

Maintaining your Muck Boots

It is important that you maintain your Muck Boot boots properly if you plan to wear them for a long period of time. If you do not maintain your boots properly, you run the risk of the rubber drying out. With the handy Smart Rub Spray from Muck Boot your boots will become soft and supple again. Before using the spray it is recommended to first clean your shoes with soap and then let them dry naturally. Please note: we do not recommend drying your boots near a heat source such as a heater, as this dries out the rubber even more. Then use the spray on your boots and then rub it into the boot with a clean cloth and let it soak in gently. In no time, the boots will feel like new again!

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