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Muchachomalo Women

Muchachomalo women

Muchachomalo was originally founded as an underwear brand for men, but is now also active in the field of women's underwear and sportswear, with the help of the subsidiary Chicamala. This collection is specially made for women with a playful character and who lead an active lifestyle. The Chicamala underwear features various prints that have been designed in collaboration with different artists. Take a look at the collection below to choose your favourites!


Chicamala is the subsidiary of Muchachomalo and this brand was specially established to also offer a nice collection of underwear for women and girls. Each Chicamala collection has a message that is conveyed using prints created by special in-house artists. The brand makes art wearable for everyone! Here at Outdoorsupply, you will find the entire Chicamala range that consists of singlets, sports bras, and various other types of underwear.