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Muchachomalo Men

Muchachomalo men

Muchachomalo is a Dutch underwear brand that originally started with the sale of boxer shorts for men. The brand has since expanded to include underwear for women, girls, and boys. Muchachomalo was created to tell a story and be different from the rest. Muchachomalo's underwear tells stories inspired by real life. Together with artists, unique prints are created and collaborations are created to allow the brand to grow even further and innovate in the field of fit and materials.

Muchachomalo Men's Boxers

Muchachomalo has become a brand that wants to appeal to the inner bad boy in men. In Spanish, Muchachomalo means bad boy. The brand embraces the rebellious and wild character of a bad boy in order to inspire and surprise. Men who wear Muchachomalo underwear have a wild and playful character inside. Muchachomalo underwear is made for many different men and available in various fits, designs, and colours.