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Mexx ensures that you can always live in a modern style and be stylishly dressed. They therefore represent a casual and modern lifestyle. A striking top, a polo, or an ideal base layer; Mexx has everything for your wardrobe. These clothes are easy to combine and are wonderfully comfortable. They are designed so that you always feel good about yourself and to get the most out of life. Quickly restock your wardrobe with the beautiful collections from the quality brand Mexx!

Mexx Clothing

In 1986 the two brands Moustache and Emanuelle were merged. Take the first letter of the two brands together and add two kisses: Mexx was born. Together they could make a stronger statement by creating a casual and modern lifestyle in a free-spirited, optimistic, open-minded and inspiring way. Mexx clothing is therefore wonderfully comfortable, easy to combine, and ensures that you will feel good about yourself. For every occasion, even on a relaxed day, you will find that Mexx clothing will be your favourite.