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The American brand Maglite was founded in 1955 by Anthony Maglica. Maglite began as a small shop, but quickly grew into a true icon in torches. Today, Maglite is the #1 in the market for torches. Maglite torches have last a long time, have a distant range and offer a good light. They are popular among people who work in security. Despite the already excellent quality of the Maglite flashlights, they are continuously working on implementing improvements. Innovation is central to this brand. The high quality combined with the durability and sleek design, ensures that the Maglite flashlights are the ideal choice for a weekend camping trip or anything other adventure.

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The well-known brand Maglite is a leader in the field of flashlights. This brand is characterised by its sturdy flashlights of high quality. The Maglite flashlights come with sleek designs and are available in various colours. Maglite flashlights offer a far range of light and last a long time. Maglite is continuously developing new features and improving the old flashlights and this ensures that the quality is guaranteed.