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Luhta was founded in 1907 by a Finnish couple. The wife made the clothes, and the husband sold them. The brand's first factory was established in 1928, and from 1950 the brand began to focus primarily on casual wear. In 1980 the brand grew into a brand of continental renown. Since then, the brand has been continuing to develop their assortment and now also produces high quality sportswear and has since grown into one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in Scandinavia.

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Luhta clothing is of high quality, is trendy, and meets the wishes and needs of the consumer. The brand focuses on clothing that is durable and lasts for years. Luhta continues to innovate to produce the best possible quality and to surprise consumers time and time again. Luhta clothing is developed by experienced experts and therefore offers optimal comfort during sports and other day to day activities.