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Lomer is an Italian shoe brand that was founded in 1975. After its foundation, the brand quickly built a reputation for the high quality of their walking shoes. Nowadays Lomer has grown even more and their shoes are worn all over the world. Craftsmanship is central to this brand. Lomer shoes are only made of the very best materials, so they are extremely comfortable and at the same time look very stylish. The shoes are still designed in Italy to this day so that the brand can continue to guarantee its exceptional quality.

Lomer Shoes

Lomer's walking shoes are wonderfully comfortable. Here at Outdoorsupply you will find a wide range of shoes from the top brand. It is recommended when you have worn the shoes to keep them away from high heat sources and allow them to dry naturally. This way you can rest assured that the leather will remain beautiful for a long period of time. Choose a pair of beautiful walking shoes from Lomer today!