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LEKI Nordic Walking Poles

Leki Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic walking is an intensive way of walking that burns a lot of calories, so it is great for those who wish to keep fit. Special Nordic walking poles are required for this, but thanks to the top quality brand LEKI, that's no problem at all! LEKI Nordic walking poles are generally longer than walking and trekking poles and are equipped with a different handle. LEKI Nordic walking poles are made of high quality materials and are extremely durable. This means that you will be able to enjoy your walking poles for years to come!

LEKI Traveller Carbon

The renowned brand LEKI is, among other things, a top specialist in producing Nordic walking poles. LEKI has a wide range, with Nordic walking poles of different materials, styles, and designs, such as the popular LEKI Traveller Carbon model. This way, the perfect poles can be found for all hikers. The Nordic walking poles from this German brand help you to challenge yourself even more and provide the perfect technique during your intensive Nordic walking tours!