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The KJUS Brand

KJUS is a Norwegian brand that was founded in 2000 by the Olympic skiing champion Lasse Kjus in collaboration with entrepreneur Didi Serena. Together they saw a gap in the market in the area of professional golf and ski clothing; the combination of comfort, freedom of movement, and performance enhancement appeared to be missing from a lot of the clothing on offer. From the brands foundation date, it became the sole focus of the founders to create high quality clothing that made use of modern technologies. The expert knowledge of the brand's founders meant that they knew exactly what would be required of each garment of clothing to help enhance the sporting experience, and how each clothing item can help to improve it.

The KJUS K-System

KJUS K-System

The KJUS assortment is defined by the 'K-System', which consists of three Ks: K-Climate, K-Motion, and K-Craft. These three Ks stand for different qualities that make up the excellence of KJUS's items of clothing and that are used in KJUS's innovative techniques of craftsmanship. KJUS's founders have a lot of experience in the sports that they cater for, so they knew exactly what each garment needed to offer.


This 'K' is related to ensuring that each item of clothing helps to keep your body temperature optimal and in balance. This is important, because it can be very easy to quickly get too cold or too warm. Thanks to a lot of new innovations and technologies that are used with the materials, KJUS clothing will definitely keep you warm, but has breathable properties to ensure that heat can be released if needed. That means that you will always be comfortably warm, but that you won't overheat or be bothered by too much sweat; you won't feel suffocated. As a bonus, the clothing is also completely waterproof and resistant to strong winds, so you will be comfortable in any climate.


This K is all about your freedom of movement and not being inhibited in your sport. KJUS's founders themselves had a need for clothing that adapted to their movements, so they found it important to make sure this was an element of their clothing. KJUS clothing will therefore not hold you back, which will allow you to get the best of your performance and make the most of your experience. The materials used are very lightweight and stretchable, so even during more energetic movements, you won't be inhibited by KUS clothing.


High quality craftsmanship is one of KJUS's most important requirements for all of their items, so that each item of clothing is made to be as comfortable as possible as well as high quality and durable. Materials are laser cut, seams are tear-resistant, and each garment is given lots of functional features. A great example of this are the goggles pockets that are incorporated into the jackets. The secret of high quality clothing lies in the craftsmanship; KJUS clothing is produced by innovative thinkers who have years and years of experience in their field. That's how KJUS offer such a great line of clothing that will enhance your enjoyment of winter sports.

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