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Katadyn is a high quality Swiss brand that specialises in creating practical products that help you transport and drink water while out and about, ensuring that you never have to stop for a drink while on the go. When doing outdoor or extreme sports, it's vital that you stay hydrated and that you always have water with you. That's why these items will make such an indispensable part of your outdoor equipment! These products are high quality, reliable, and easy to use; what more could you need?

Katadyn Water Filter

Making sure that you have enough water with you while on your outdoor adventures in order to stay hydrated is of vital importance. That's why it's great to invest in a high quality hydration system, to ensure that you can carry as much water with you as possible without having to carry a heavy rucksack or bottle. View our range of Katadyn water bags, filters, and accessories on the page above.