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Helly Hansen Fleece

Helly Hansen fleece

The fleece jackets and fleece sweatshirts from the Scandinavian brand Helly Hansen provide an extra warm layer during your outdoor adventures or as a comfortable outer layer while hiking in milder weather. The Norwegian brand is famous not only for the top quality of each and every item of clothing it offers, but also for the appearance of the clothing. Here at Outdoorsupply, we have a great range of Helly Hansen fleeces for men and women, including the famous Helly Hansen Daybreaker fleece model.

Helly Hansen Fleece Jacket

For over 140 years, the Norwegian brand Helly Hansen has been active in the outdoor world and with great success. The company has been supplying top quality clothing for years and is very innovative. In addition to the quality of the clothing, each item is also consciously sustainable. In this way they ensure that the production process has as little an effect as possible for people and the environment. This is an ethos that can be clearly seen in every product group that the brand offers, including it's top quality range of fleece jackets and fleece sweatshirts, which can be found on the page above.