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Fox Knives

The Fox Knives company started producing knives in the 80s. The company at that time decided to start small and gain as much experience before taking the step to enter the commercial market. When the company took that step,it proved to be a success. Great innovative ideas ensured that Fox Knives made a large mark on the main market. This was possible because Fox does a lot of research and uses its own new technology, which made it possible to grow into an internationally appreciated major player. The professional approach that the company took before entering the market as well as their continuous search for improvement ensured that the blades of Fox Knives are of the very best quality.

Fox Knives UK

Fox Knives was founded in 1977 and at the time was very small, however they had a lot of experience, so when it was put into the commercial market, it was a success. Due to the large and innovative ideas it had, Fox became equally valued on the global market. After much research and the use of its own new technologies, Fox ultimately become a major player in the international knives market.