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Fjällräven Backpack

Fjällräven is known all around the world for their famous Kånken backpack, all of which can be found on this page. However, Fjällräven has brought out other lines of bags and backpacks that are perfect for school, work, or outdoor adventures! Alongside the Kanken rucksacks, you can also find the popular Fjällräven Kajka and Fjällräven Abisko backpacks, suitable for longer and more challenging expeditions. Furthermore, we also stock some smaller rucksacks, such as the Kanken models, but also the Fjällräven Splitpack, Fjällräven Travel pack, or the Fjällräven Foldsack. Browse our full Fjällräven backpack collection below!

Fjallraven Bag

Make sure that you have a great quality bag for your outdoor adventures and day-to-day activities. Not only are Fjällräven bags made with the best materials, but they also have great handy features, like adjustable straps, reflective elements, or detachable parts for extra convenience. Aside from that, they also of course made with stylish and beautiful designs. As well as the backpacks, be sure to have a look at our full Fjällräven clothing collection and treat yourself to some Fjällräven trousers, a Fjällräven jacket, or other high quality clothing from this brand.