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All Fjällräven Products

All Fjällräven products

Fjällräven is a Swedish brand that develops products to make your outdoor experience as comfortable as possible. Fjällräven's goal is to create products that are not only wear-resistant and functional, but also have a timeless appearance, so you can enjoy their products for years. Fjällräven's products are developed and focused towards sustainability and quality, so their products are environmentally friendly, financially affordable and social considerate. Fjällräven makes it easy for you to enjoy anything in nature!

Fjällräven UK

Are you looking for high quality outdoor products that will last for years to come? Then you are in the right place! This Swedish brand focuses on the production of outdoor products such as clothing and bags, making it easy for outdoor lovers to enjoy nature. Fjällräven products are very popular worldwide thanks to their timeless designs and high user-friendliness.

Fjällräven Kånken

Fjällräven is known all around the world for their famous Kånken rucksacks. Kånken bags from this Scandinavian brand are hugely popular among all age groups because Fjällräven manages to perfectly combine practicality with fashion. All of these great Fjällräven backpacks are made from high quality, sustainable materials. Be sure to take a look at our extensive Fjällräven Kånken backpack collection, available in different sizes and colours.

Fjällräven Backpack

Here at Outdoorsupply we also offer a selection of Fjällräven backpacks for longer trips and outdoor adventures, as well as smaller backpacks that are perfect for school or work. Fjällräven is known for its outstanding quality, functionality, and style, and their collection of backpacks is no exception. Fjällräven bags come in a broad range of sizes and colours, and are equipped with handy extras, such as adjustable straps, multiple openings and compartments, drinking systems, and much, much more!

Fjällräven Jacket

Aside from their wildly popular collection of backpacks, Fjällräven has also brought out a great selection of clothing, and a particularly popular range of jackets. With a Fjällräven jacket, you will be protected from the rain, wind, and cold. In this range you'll find some of the brand's most popular models, including the Fjällräven Greenland jacket, the Fjällräven Keb jacket, and the Fjällräven Skögso jacket. Treat yourself to a Fjällräven coat today.

All this and much more, right here at Outdoorsupply. Be sure to view our complete Fjällräven collection!