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The Swedish brand Fällkniven, which is Swedish for folding knife, produces all sorts of knives. The Swedish company, founded in 1984, has now gained a lot of experience in producing high quality knives. The knives are highly valued; this brand of knife has become a part of the Swedish air force's standard equipment. Different units of the American navy also use Fällkniven knives.

Fallkniven UK

Fällkniven is Swedish for folder. Fällkniven was founded in 1984 in Boden. Since 1987 Fällkniven is engaged in the design and manufacture of hunting and survival knives. These Fällkniven knives are renowned worldwide for being of a very high quality. As a survival knife from Fällkniven, is part of the standard equipment of Swedish Air Force pilots. There are also units of the US Navy who carry Fällkniven knives.