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Falke is a German brand that delivers excellent high-quality fashionable products in the field of Falke socks, Falke tights, Falke leggings and much more. Founded in 1868 by Franz Falke Rohen, Falke continues to innovate their products to this day. Falke is committed to providing stylish products with the principle that Falke products offer outstanding wearing comfort, the best materials, and the best fit all while produced according to the latest technological advancements. This brand is most well known for their highly popular Falke socks, which sit comfortably providing sufficient support. Amongst our wide assortment, we offer much more from the brand, from Falke vests to Falke underwear.

Falke Socks

The popular brand Falke, founded in Germany in the year 1868, has for years been a top brand that is not only stylish but also offers fantastic comfort. Falke offers a wide range of stockings, socks and fashion. For example, Falke ski socks, Falke hiking socks, Flake knee socks, and Falke tights. Their socks and Falke stockings are extremely popular because of their excellent quality and comfort, ensuring you have warm feet with sufficient support. The brand offers socks for different sports: for example, Outdoorsupply is the right place for Falke ski socks, Falke tennis socks and Falke cycling socks.