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Dynafit is a brand by athletes, for athletes, aiming to equip mountain endurance athletes from head to toe with the most efficient and reliable gear. They continually strive to push boundaries with passion and absolute dedication, whilst considering the impact on people, animals, and the environment. The result is a stunning range of products for mountain climbing, ski touring, cycling, and trail running. Explore our range of Dynafit products below.

Dynafit Alpine

Dynafit's Alpine collection is specifically designed for these activities, offering lightweight and highly breathable products with quick-drying properties, ensuring comfort even during the most demanding runs and climbs. Choose quality and comfort with Dynafit. You can also explore other popular series, like the Transalper series, at Dynafit on Outdoorsupply. The most popular series can always be found in the filter!

Dynafit Shoes

Dynafit offers shoes for various activities, from hiking and trail running to regular running, all boasting high quality that provides exactly what you need during your activities. They also offer a range of clothing, including running shirts, sports trousers, and vests. In short, start your activity well-prepared, start your activity with Dynafit!