All About Dubarry


Dubarry's History

Dubarry was founded in 1937 in a small city called Ballinasloe, in the heart of Galway on the west coast of Ireland

The company is named after Dubarry of Ireland, the famous French courtisan, and began designing and developing their own brand of boots. The company works collaborates with the best artisans available. Because of the beautiful designs, fantastic finishes, and high quality of the boots, the brand soon developed a very good reputation.

Dubarry's boots incorporate leather of very high quality, beautiful designs, and brilliant finishing touches. This is what makes them perfect for outdoor activities! Have a look at the whole collection here.

Pretty but practical

Dubarry & GORE-TEX®

We know what you're thinking: 'Why would you wear such beautiful boots when out and about in the great outdoors?' Well, Dubarry boots not only look stylish and fashionable, but they also have practical features that make them perfect for wearing outdoors.

For example, Dubarry makes use of great technologies, such as GORE-TEX® in a wide range of their boots, such as the Galway, Longford, Glanmire, Kildare, and Roscommon models. GORE-TEX® is the most durably waterproof and breathable material available. The use of it therefore ensures that your boots are able to withstand more challenging conditions, making them perfect for outdoor adventures and activities!

Leather care


Mud and other dirt can be very corrosive on leather. In order to prolong the life and performance of your Dubarry boots, it is important to scrub them with a cleaning brush and to rinse away mud and dirt with clean tap water regularly after use.

Maintaining leather boots

Dubarry boots are designed to last for years and years, and are equipped with handy features to optimise the protection and comfort of your feet. Dubarry leather is specially designed to absorb less moisture, which means it needs 70% less time to dry than with other sorts of leather. That being said, every type of leather needs a bit of TLC. With the right treatment, your leather can last much longer, so you can enjoy your boots for years to come.

Directly after use, the first step of maintaining your leather boots is making sure you wash away any mud or dirt with clean, cold water, using a brush if needs be to shift more stubborn grime.

After that, you can use a soap-based leather cleaner to remove residues that are more ingrained. It's important to remove this dirt, as it can very negatively affect the lifespan of your boots, so don't be afraid to scrub the boots fairly vigorously. Once washed, it is important to let the boots dry naturally for at least 24 hours before using any other footwear treatment. Never dry your boots using an artificial heat or by putting them near an open fire, as this can damage the leather.

As a final touch, you can also use protective sprays, which adds a preventative protective element. Dubarry also has a leather cream, which can be gently rubbed into your boots with a soft cloth. This cream is particularly proficient at protecting the flex area at the nose of the boot, which bends when you walk.

It is important to use products like the Dubarry Leather Cream in combination with washing, because excess exposure to water is also not good for leather. Leather requires moisturising after washing, so we definitely recommend having a look at Dubarry's brilliant leather cream.

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