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Since 1925, Dachstein has specialised in developing walking boots and walking shoes for fans of an outdoor lifestyle. The Austrian company makes shoes for hiking in mountain areas as well as for hiking in urban environments. The line between outdoor shoes and leisure shoes is getting smaller and smaller, so Dachstein combines traditional and modern materials in order to create the perfect walking shoes. No matter what kind of hikes you want to do, Dachstein has the perfect shoes for you.

Dachstein Shoes

Dachstein walking boots are suitable for hiking in the mountains as well as in urban environments, for both the beginner and the advanced hiker. Dachstein is an Austrian company that has been producing hiking boots since 1925. They make shoes for anyone who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. Here at Outdoorsupply, you will find a great range of Dachstein shoes for men and women in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. View the full range on the page above.