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Cold Steel

Cold Steel is an American brand and is known for its strong, sharp knives. Cold Steel is famous for the fact that they handle the so-called Kraton and make the Tanto knife-point. This has allowed Cold Steel to establish its name in the knife world. The development of these highly innovative knives has contributed to the development of the entire blades market. The innovations used by Cold Steel, are now used worldwide by manufacturers on their knives. So if you are looking for a blade of excellent quality and innovative features then Cold Steel is the choice for you.

Cold Steel UK

Ever since 1980, Cold Steel has been producing some of the strongest and sharpest knives in the world. Besides its own successes, Cold Steel has also contributed quite a bit to the cutlery industry in general. This was done with many innovations devised by Cold Steel. Despite Cold Steel spreading its ideas, they have remained as a top producer, always looking toward the future in an effort to further improve their products.