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CCM is originally a manufacturer of bicycles and motors. However, in 1905 the demand for bicycles decreased, and ice hockey began to gain popularity. For this reason, focus was placed on the production of ice hockey products from then on. Within 30 years, the brand became the most popular name on the market, and 90% of all ice hockey players were using CCM skates. Outdoorsupply offers a wide range of CCM ice hockey skates and gear. Click on the images below for more information about each great product.

CCM Skates

In 1905, Canada Cycle & Motor Company, or CCM, started producing ice hockey products. The sport grew rapidly in popularity, and so CCM products soon became very popular and famous. In the meantime, the brand has become one of the biggest names on the market, and branded products are used by several professional athletes, including legends such as Carey Price, Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid.