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Burton was founded in 1977 by snowboarder Jake Burton Carpenter. The brand began as a snowboard company, but has since expanded into a producer of all manner of outdoor gear and equipment. The Burton team is made up of innovative outdoor enthusiasts, who are always working to improve their products to create a super user-friendly, high quality line of outdoor gear. What's more, the Burton brand is very much focused on green production, which means that they promote fair trade and environmentally-friendly and sustainable production processes. That means that with Burton, you not only get a high quality product, but you are making an eco-friendly choice.

Burton Backpacks

Burton has produced a great selection of outdoor gear and equipment, including a very high quality and practical line of rucksacks and other bags. Burton bags are made from high quality materials and with lots of handy features, which means that you can easily and comfortably transport everything you need for your outdoor adventures. Browse our Burton bags collection on the page above.