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All Brunotti Products

All Brunotti products

Brunotti was founded in 1979 and designs brilliant products for board sports/ Brunotti products are 100% authentic and technically sound, making board sports accessible for everyone. Brunotti is a Dutch brand that was founded by the Italian Claudio Brunotti in Scheveningen. As a windsurfer, he understood the importance of having good and reliable equipment. Outdoorsupply offers, among other things, Brunotti's winter collection, which includes top notch winter sportswear and accessories, such as ski helmets, ski goggles, ski jackets, and ski trousers.

Brunotti UK

Claudio Brunotti, founder of this brand, thought of creating his company while he was staying in Scheveningen. Windsurfing is a popular sport there because of ther strong winds and great waves. The Italian began windsurfing and decided to set up a company that created equipment for board sports, marking the beginning of 'Brunotti'. The brand quickly became popular and began to gather worldwide recognition, as which point Claudio Brunotti began to develop his extensive winter sportswear and equipment range, which you will find here on Outdoorsupply.