The French brand Bollé was founded in 1888 in the mountainous region of Oyonnax and since 1955 has specialised in sports helmets and sports glasses. Due to the years of experience, Bollé's helmets have only gotten better and are well known among winter sportsmen and women. Bollé's items are always developed with the aim of combining fit, fashion and comfort. Because of this, Bollé products will not only increase your safety, but ensure that you will be looking stylish while you're on the slopes.

Bollé UK

Prepare yourself for your next winter sports holiday with a great new ski helmet and pair of ski goggles from Bollé! If you have any questions about these great products, be sure to contact our customer service team.

Bollé Ski Helmet

Bollé ski helmets are technical, high quality helmets that will really protect you if you fall. The hard material of the helmets ensures that any impact from falling down is spread out, meaning you will be in much less pain if you fall. Bollé helmets are easy to adjust and can be customised to your needs.

Bollé Ski Goggles

Bollé ski goggles come in practical yet stylish designs, so you can be sure that you will have the optimum field of vision, but can also be sure your goggles will go with any skiing outfit. Bollé goggles also have anti-fog coatings to prevent them from steaming up. Have a look at our great collection of Bollé products above.